Want to hide your Pornhub browsing? Utilize digital currency to make payments

As it stated in More specifically, the biggest porn stash on the net this day accepts Verge Currency payments for all goods provided with the site, involving the Pornhub Premium membership service. We guess to see widespread adoption of crypto & blockchain in short order."First released in 2014 as DogecoinDark, Verge Currency aims to bring private payments to businesses & individuals. "Verge integrates Tor in its Core, Electrum, & Droid wallets, thereby eliminating any single point at which the communicating peers could be set out of network surveillance which relies upon knowing its source & destination," the Verge Currency website states. Along with the major Pornhub site, both Brazzers (adult HD videos) & Nutaku (adult gaming) going to begain accepting Verge Currency as well. It was too in response to the cancel of net privacy rules which formerly protected net service providers from selling browsing histories.

Didi Chuxing's safety chief lands at digital currency interchange as blockchain opportunity beckons

The allure of blockchain tech as the following large opportunity has prompted a string of Chinese executives at internet-based companies & traditional finance firms to jump ship. In the latest such move, Wu Shupeng, previous chief safety officer at car-hailing giant Didi Chuxing, has joined digital currency interchange Huobi. The career change comes 1 30 days after Yuan Yuming, deputy study head & chief net analyst of Industrial Securities, joined Huobi as director of its blockchain app academy. Bitcoin prices have been on a roller coaster ever October the time China banned domestic digital interchanges from hosting renminbi-denominated cryptocurrency trading. However, the trading block hasn't slowed drop the development of blockchain – the tech behind cryptocurrencies.

Didi Chuxing's security chief lands at digital currency exchange as blockchain opportunity beckons

Bitcoin whales dump $100 mn of digital currency in 24 hours

as mentioned in The discound comes a day after the third-largest wallet, that famously bought over $400 mn in bitcoin in February, allow go of 6,600 bitcoin at an average value of $8,026. All told, the 2 whales dumped over $100 mn of bitcoin within 24 hours. Gox discound on March 7, the time its trustees declared they had liquidated over $400 mn in bitcoin & bitcoin cash. On April 12, the second-biggest bitcoin wallet purveyed $38 mn of the No. Early Wednesday, a single bitcoin BTCUSD, +2.26% was worth $8,111.56, up 2.5% after Combating to hold above the $8,000 mark, having got a boost late Tuesday on upbeat remarks from International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

Cash crunch: Hype surrounding digital payments blurred our view; Foreign Currency continues to drive India

There has evidently been some miscalculation in terms of estimating the request for currency in the country. Therefore, a sudden promote in request for currency has led to the system not being prepared to provide adequate supplies. For FY19, the GDP in nominal terms Information Systems foreseen to be at Republika Srpska 187 lakh crore. A ratio of twelve % would mean which currency has to be around Republika Srpska 22.4 lakh crore, & at eleven % it would be around Republika Srpska 20.5 lakh crore. The present amount of Republika Srpska 18.4 lakh crore justifies a ratio of ten percent.

Cash crunch: Hype surrounding digital payments blurred our view; hard currency continues to drive India

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