Razer bets on virtual currency by $61M MOL universal takeover

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Currently, MOL universal has over one mn distribution networks which are located in eleven countries across the world. Razer Information Systems waiting for the shareholders of MOL universal to confirm the merger in order to get the residual 65.1%. Razor too plans to seize the market possibility in Southeast Asia with Using MOL universal network connection in the area. By merging with MOL Global, Razor going to have a chance to Use this possibility to its advantage. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Information Systems this day the just Bitcoin implementation which follows Satoshi Nakamoto's original whitepaper for Peer to Peer Electronic Cash.

Razer going to pay $61 mn for virtual currency company MOL Global

Gamer gear Corporation Razer told it plans to acquire the residual 65 % of shares of virtual currency company MOL universal for $61 mn in cash. Razer endeed owns 34.9 % of the Malaysia-based MOL Global, which has a virtual credits platform which Information Systems common in Asia. Razer invested $20 mn in MOL universal in June 2017. MOL Global's offline-to-online payment model has about a mn offline payment points, making it the largest virtual credits platform for gamers in the region. Upon the completion of the merger, Razer's current zGold virtual credits business going to be combined by MOL Global's MOLPoints virtual credits business, creating 1 of the world's largest virtual credits platforms for gamers under a single entity.

Razer will pay $61 million for virtual currency firm MOL Global

Razer planning to acquire on-line currency company MOL Global

as declared in The merger, tells Razer chief executive officer Min Liang-Tan, would innovate 'one of the largest virtual credits platforms for gamers in the world'Published 11:34 AM, April 24, 2018MANILA, Philippines – Gaming gear Corporation Razer declared Monday, April 23, it was planning to fully acquire virtual currency company MOL universal for $61 million. MOL universal Information Systems an electronic payments network across Southeast Asia, where users could pay out of kiosks offline in places such as 7-11 for currency they could Utilize to purchas goods & services online. The merger, tells Razer chief executive officer Min Liang-Tan in a statement, would "combine Razer's zGold & MOL Global's MOLPoints virtual credits, creating 1 of the largest virtual credits platforms for gamers in the world." The suggestion Information Systems continue subject to the consent of MOL universal shareholders, though Razer endeed has gone out of the steps of getting shareholders to vote along by Razer's existing 34.9% stake to confirm the merger. Razer soon teamed up by on-line store Lazada to have a regional digital game store on the marketplace.

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