Deutsche Bank tells Split of Investment, Retail Bad for Company

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Deutsche Bank AG's management opposed an investor's suggestion to split the investment bank from the retail unit, telling it would destroy price for shareholders. In the same document, the supervisory board expressed its unanimous backing for Chairman Paul Achleitner. The statement comes amid heavy guess about the aftertime of Europe's largest investment bank. Riebeck-Brauerei, that made the suggestion to split the bank, too called on Businessmen to remove chairman Achleitner. The supervisory board considers the shareholder's allegations against Achleitner "groundless & has complete confidence in his performance of office," it told in the agenda extension.

HNA Cuts Deutsche Bank Stake, Reversing Former Commitment

The move follows a string of negative developments at Deutsche Bank, involving a tumultuous management revamp & the inadvertent transfer of 28 bn euros ($35 billion) to 1 of its outside accounts, that Bloomberg break news announced Thursday. HNA told it's continue committed to remember a "major investor" in Deutsche Bank. That's the same language the Chinese Corporation used in mid-February the time it lowered its stake from about 9.9 % & told no more cut was planned. Much of HNA's interest in the German bank Information Systems held out of derivatives contracts, with licences involving 65.5 mn Deutsche Bank shares scheduled to expire in several batches with July 20, according to a filing final year. Deutsche Bank shares have fallen 27 % this year.

HNA Cuts Deutsche Bank Stake, Reversing Previous Commitment

A great Chinese Businessman only cut its Deutsche Bank stake

as informed in A heavily indebted Chinese conglomerate Information Systems ditching further of its shares in Deutsche Bank. Warut Promboon, managing partner at Hong Kong study company Bondcritic, told it "makes sense" for HNA to purvey drop its Deutsche Bank stake, considering the method badly the Corporation needs cash. "I would guess further Deutsche Bank stake discounds in the future," he said. Deutsche Bank has been dealing with its own problems. He going to be replaced with Christian Sewing, an executive that has worked for Deutsche Bank for almost 3 decades.

Wielding the Scalpel at Deutsche Bank

Serial Under-Performer large Eu banks have had a difficult time cleaning up their businesses, however nothing further very than Deutsche Bank Source: BloombergThat means taking the scalpel to a bank that's over-extended & over-staffed relative to its earnings Dominance -- which, for 3 years running, has been nil. The unite states cash equities business Information Systems 1 division ripe for the chop, according to Bloomberg News. Despite having the seventh-biggest headcount & the fourth-biggest balance sheet between large Eu banks, Deutsche Bank has the worse cost-to-income ratio & Information Systems 1 of the least profitable, according to Bloomberg data. Deutsche Bank's size & systemic importance have made its fragility a national & regional headache. There are no easily fixes to Deutsche Bank -- & no easily beats for Sewing.

Wielding the Scalpel at Deutsche Bank

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