Xconomy: Regeneron to Slash value of Cholesterol Drug After Showing it kept Lives

referring to Regeneron to Slash value of Cholesterol Drug After Showing it kept LivesXconomy NY —Regeneron Pharmaceuticals & partner Sanofi report fresh information this morning from a large, highly-anticipated experience suggesting which their drug alirocumab (Praluent) probably lower the danger of dying for people by high cholesterol that have soon suffered heart attacks or strokes & are at danger of having another 1 or dying. Regeneron & Amgen, which makes a competing drug, have struggled mightily to get payers to cover these treatments due to their high cost. Doctors tell this finding, though not statistically clear-cut (more on which below), can continue drive greater adoption of the costly cholesterol drug. Both researches have been seen as critical to proving PCSK9 blockers are worth their high value tags. Regeneron spokesperson Hala Mirza tells the size of the value cuts going to depend on … following Page »

Regeneron & Sanofi outline to Cut Cholesterol Drug value in interchange for Wider Coverage

The makers of an costly cholesterol-lowering drug outline to offer sales of up to 69% in interchange for insurers & pharmacy-benefit managers expanding their coverage of the medicine to further patients. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals company & Sanofi SA told they going to seek to renegotiate their contracts with insurers with offering rebates & sales for the drug, called Praluent, which would bring its unite states internet value within a range of $4,500 to $8,000 annually per patient, drop from its list value of $14,600.

Regeneron and Sanofi Plan to Cut Cholesterol Drug Price in Exchange for Wider Coverage

Regeneron & Sanofi have a have aTry To finish value Standoff On Their Drug To protect Heart Attacks

according to Seeing an opportunity, the drug's makers, the Tarrytown, NY., -based biotech Regeneron & the French drug giant Sanofi, are offering insurers a deal. People that lack PCSK9 genes have super-low cholesterol & few heart attacks. The drugs, the logic went, ought protect heart attacks also (we this day realize they do). The $14,000 value pharmaceutical companies selected was quadruple what any Former cholesterol drug had cost. There was a 15% reduction in the combination of dyinges from heart disease, heart attacks, strokes caused with blood clots, & chest pain.

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