Mastermind behind EUR one bn cyber bank theft catched in Spain

as declared in Since 2013, the cybercrime gang have attempted to attack banks, e-payment systems & financial institutions Utilizing pieces of malware they designed, known as Carbanak & Cobalt. The criminal operation has struck banks in further than fourty countries & has resulted in cumulative losses of over EUR one bn for the financial industry. The magnitude of the losses Information Systems significant: the Cobalt malware alone allowed criminals to robber up to EUR ten mn per heist. Europol's Eu Cybercrime Centre (EC3) facilitated the interchange of information, hosted operational meetings, provided digital forensic & malware test backing & deployed Specialists on-the-spot in Spain during the action day. Steven Wilson, Head of Europol's Eu Cybercrime Centre (EC3), said: "This universal operation Information Systems a significant success for international police collaboration against a highest standard cybercriminal organisation.

Suspect catched for cyber bank heists which amassed $1.2 billion

Since the crime group began its cyberattacks in 2013, they've chock further than hundred financial institutions in fourty countries around the world. The crime group started by a malware campaign called Anunak, which later led to further sophisticated versions known as Carbanak and, later, Cobalt. In some cases, they would instruct ATMs to dispense cash at proven times & members of the crime group would wait nearby & grab the cash once it was released. The stolen cash was in the end laundered by cryptocurrencies. "The catch of the key figure in this crime group illustrates which cybercriminals could no longer hide behind perceived international anonymity.

Suspect arrested for cyber bank heists that amassed $1.2 billion

Europol detention suspicious in bank heists which stole $1.2 bn Utilizing malware

referring to After a 4 year investigation, Europol declared it has catched the suspected leader of a crime syndicate which stole $1.2 bn from over hundred banks in further than fourty countries Utilizing malware. According to Europol, the suspicious was catched with the Spanish National Police in Alicante, Spain, with backing from the FBI, Romanian, Belarusian, & Taiwanese authorities, along with cybersecurity companies. Europol tells the group would then Utilize prepaid cards link to cryptocurrency wallets to launder the money & purchas luxury vehicles & houses. At the rise of their powers, Europol tells the group was capable robber ten mn euros per heist. "The catch of the key figure in this crime group illustrates which cybercriminals could no longer hide behind perceived international anonymity," Steven Wilson, head of Europol's Eu Cybercrime Centre said.

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