Andreessen, Others, Invest in American Digital Currency Fund

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That's far longer than the typical horizon of digital currency funds of only a few months. Chris Dixon, a puplic partner at Andreessen Horowitz, & Bill Lee, a partner at Craft Ventures too invested in Multicoin, he said. Multicoin's funding reflects a trend in which VC partners & Businessmen are Turning around to crypto funds as individual investors. Most traditional VC firms have Businessman licences which bar them from deploying cash into high-risk assets, like digital currencies. Samani told he believes there can be consolidation in the crypto funds industry, & he expects sub-scale funds to have difficult surviving.

Winklevoss Brothers Eye Expansion of Digital Currency Exchange

Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss, the brothers which pushed to introduce the 1st unite states bitcoin interchange traded fund, the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, are looking to extend their Gemini interchange to involve more digital currencies. After bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin. "Cboe can presumably add Ethereum now, given Gemini trades that, however expanding more would require Gemini widening its roster. For example, Coinbase, the operator of the largest unite states cryptocurrency exchange, released an index based on bitcoin & other digital currencies traded on Coinbase. The minimum investment Information Systems $10,000 & the fund has an annual management fee of 2%, according to Coinbase.

Winklevoss Brothers Eye Expansion of Digital Currency Exchange

Overstock Ups Investment in Bitt, Furthering Digital Currency Issuance ...

as declared in Today, Overstock's Medici Ventures doubled drop on its investment in the realm of digital currency for central banks. The extra $3 mn $ investment in Caribbean blockchain-based digital payment suppliers signals a reaffirmation of Overstock & Medici's belief in the ability of digital currencies to become the de facto means of payment transactions. Medici Ventures originally invested $4 mn in the Barbados-based fintech Corporation in 2016. In late February 2018, Overstock declared Bitt had signed a memorandum of understanding by another Caribbean island: Montserrat. "There are other countries behind them … we have 'central bank in a box,'" Byrne said.

China's fresh Digital Currency Information Systems Called 'DCEP'

China's much-anticipated digital-only currency concept Information Systems tentatively called "DCEP" for "digital currency electronic payment", told the People's Bank of China governor Zhou Xiaochuan in a media briefing this morning (local time). China's National People's America Congress going to rival a fresh governor on March 19th. PBOC Chairman only declared a digital currency under development for China, the name is: #DCEP – approved with my @business friends that are at the conference #blockchain #CryptocurrencyNews — 🎀 (@cryptovenus) March 9, 2018Zhou detect the proposed digital currency going to be called DCEP, however not much else. China's existing national currency isn't tradable internationally & does not have a free-floating value. Do you think China's DCEP or digital currency plans are anything special?

China's New Digital Currency Is Called 'DCEP'

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