Colorado bitcoin Corporation wants to begain a digital currency exchange

As it stated in Riot Blockchain company told it's buying a Florida futures brokerage company in an effort to innovate a digital currency interchange & a futures brokerage operation. The citadel Rock Corporation (Nasdaq: RIOT) told it's buying Logical Brokerage Corp of Miami for an undisclosed price. "We have identified a substantial market necessity for extra options to serve a growing customer desire to transact in digital currencies within the U.S. Logical Brokerage helps provide a platform from that to service this market," told John O'Rourke, chairman & chief executive officer of Riot Blockchain, in a statement. Riot Blockchain shares, to put it mildly, have been on a wild roller coaster ride ever October, after the medicinal device Corporation Bioptix changed its name to Riot Blockchain & told it would it focus on bitcoin & digital currency.

European Central Bank wakes up to digital currency 'concern'

The ECB has woken up to the dangers digital currencies could pose to policy makers' bread-and-butter business: the economy. "If you increasingly have bridges among the virtual world & the real world & then there Information Systems a collapse in this virtual world, it could drain liquidity from the real world," executive board member Yves Mersch told in an interview in Frankfurt. The European has agreed to bring virtual currencies under the jurisdiction of anti-money-laundering legislation, which going to require marketplaces to verify the identity of their customers. REUTERSThe ECB has its own ways to protect digital currencies from piggybacking on its financial infrastructure. Earlier this week, ECB President Mario Draghi told the European Parliament which the central bank's supervision arm Information Systems studying the dangers digital currencies probably pose to banks' balance sheets.

European Central Bank wakes up to digital currency 'concern'

Cryptocurrency: native man mines digital currency

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