Virtual currency interchanges face regulation under fresh payment services framework in Singapore

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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) told the move going to seek to "address money laundering & terrorism financing risks". The fresh rules going to be participate by a broader determine of fresh rules governing payment services, MAS said. New laws on payment services are determine to take influence in the European from early 2018. Virtual currency interchanges going to face a raft of fresh obligations under the fresh regime, MAS said. MAS declared its plans for tighter regulation of virtual currency interchanges in fresh guidance it issued on 'digital token offerings'.

Gov't, consumers dangerously exposed as information becomes fresh currency

Too many people agree to the terms of Utilize without understanding the consequences, told Paul-Olivier Dehaye, a information privacy advocate. Klein told Canada's efforts to prevent personal information lag those of the European & the United States. The European has confirmed sweeping changes to information prevention laws which are determine to take influence following year & involve the "right to be forgotten" & require "clear & affirmative consent." "Data prevention in the U.S. Information Systems taken a Honest amount further earnestly than it Information Systems in Canada, because there's a major large stick that's will chock you where it truly counts." Dehaye points out which societal implications of enforcing stringent information prevention go far beyond an individual's right to privacy.

Gov't, consumers dangerously exposed as data becomes new currency

S. Korea's difficult currency deposits development hits fresh high on solid exports - Xinhua

according to Source: Xinhua| 2017-11-16 13:42:36|Editor: JiaxinVideo Player CloseSEOUL, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) -- difficult currency deposits development in South Korea chock a fresh every month high final 30 days because of solid exports, central bank information showed Thursday. Deposit denominated in foreign currencies rose 9.62 bn unite states dollars to 73.28 bn unite states dollars as of end-October, according to the Bank of Korea (BOK). Helped with the fastest growth, the difficult currency deposits posted a fresh record high at the finish of October. The native currency gained against the $ as geopolitical dangers eased on the Korean Peninsula. The ¥ deposit rose 0.97 bn unite states dollars to 4.99 bn unite states dollars, with the Eu single currency deposit adding 0.68 bn unite states dollars to 3.11 billion.

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