Gibraltar is 'HOSTAGE' to Brexit, claims Spanish union chief

May moved to tamp down the warlike rhetoric Monday, saying that when it comes to the European Union, "it's definitely jaw, jaw" - a reference to Winston Churchill's dictum that "jaw, jaw" is better than "war, war". "For the Spanish, Gibraltar is an affront to their sense of national identity and their sense of sovereignty", Jack Straw, former British foreign secretary, told BBC Radio 4. U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May says Britain has no plans to go to war with Spain over Gibraltar. Madrid argues that Gibraltar must not be included in Brexit negotiations, as it is not fully recognised by the worldwide community as an integral part of the United Kingdom. Brussels suggested last week that it was prepared to give Spain such a veto, angering and upsetting people in Gibraltar.

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Gibraltar is 'HOSTAGE' to Brexit, claims Spanish union chief

SG•GETTY A Spanish union chief has claimed Britain is holding Gibraltar 'hostage' over BrexitThey are taking hostage of thousands of workers, which hasa negative impact on Gibraltar Manuel TrianoCommenting on the region's Brexit future, he suggested Britons were allowing Gibraltarians to be taken "hostage" by negotiations. Concerned by the longer border queues, one man said: "I am against those queues at the border because they cannot force us to change. The Spaniard is trying to influence talks between EU and British leaders to resolve Gibraltar's future as the UK heads for the European Union's exit. Since April 7, cross-border workers are now cross-referenced against as many as three different databases, the same security checks faced by non-EU passport holders. "We are not against Spain, we are against the attitude they adopt towards us." Another said: "Today it is going a little faster, but Wednesday was incredible.

Gibraltar is 'HOSTAGE' to Brexit, claims Spanish union chief

Forget the 1950s, Tories threatening Spanish with an Armada over Gibraltar will take Britain back to the 1590s
Failing to slap down Howard shows May is keener to court right wing papers than our EU partners. But threatening to launch an ­Armada against the Spanish will take us back to the 1590s. The fact Howard can revel in this bloodshed to make a petty point about Brexit shows what a disastrous PM he'd have been. To liken a dispute over Gibraltar with our democratic European partner Spain to the Falklands War against a military junta in ­Argentina was crass beyond belief. Ex-Tory leader Michael Howard said we should be prepared to go to war over Gibraltar , comparing May to another female PM who took on a Spanish-speaking country!

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