"The Independent" : Uber uses 'secret program' Greyball to avoid regulators

Uber has been using a secret tool in countries across the world in order to avoid law enforcement authorities, it has been revealed. Rival company Alphabet has also accused Uber of stealing designs for technology for self-driving cars – a claim Uber has denied. The tool allowed Uber to show law enforcement officers images of "ghost" cars on the app or show that no cars were available for use, the paper said. The New York Times reported that Uber had used the tool to evade authorities in Boston, Paris and Las Vegas, and countries includes Australia, China, Italy and South Korea. US officials have expressed concern about Uber's practices but stopped short of saying they will take action.

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Uber uses Greyball tool to deceive authorities: REPORT

Uber uses Greyball tool to deceive authorities: REPORT
Read the full report by The New York Times here. Called Greyball, the tool collected data from Uber's app to identify and evade officials in cities like Boston, Paris, and Las Vegas. Uber also sought to justify the tool's ability to deceive authorities by calling into question the motives of city officials, who Uber suggested were colluding with unspecified "opponents" of the company. Uber has been using a secretive tool to evade authorities for years, particularly at times when city regulators were trying to block the ride-hailing service, according to a new report by The New York Times' Mike Isaac. The VTOS program and the Greyball tool used techniques like looking at a user's credit-card information and seeing if it was tied to an institution, such as a police credit union, to identify authority figures, according to the report.

Uber uses 'secret program' Greyball to hide from regulators

Uber uses 'secret program' Greyball to hide from regulators
The New York Times said existence of the Greyball program was confirmed by four current and former Uber employees, who were not named. Read more"This program denies ride requests to fraudulent users who are violating our terms of service," Uber said in a statement. The software, called Greyball, sought to identify officials trying to catch its drivers and deny them service, the New York Times reports. Image copyright EPA Image caption Uber said its Greyball software was used to "deny ride requests to fraudulent users"Uber has been using a secret program to prevent undercover regulators from shutting down the taxi-hailing service in cities around the world. Greyball was used to secure early access to cities where its operations had not been authorised.

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